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AVC Ireland Land Only

Payment Schedule and Options




Payment Schedule (Per Person)

1/30/2024- $500 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit

2/30/2024  - $422 installment due

3/30/2024 - $422 installment due

4/30/2024 - $422 installment due

5/30/2024 - $422 installment due

6/30/2024 - $422 installment due

7/30/2024 - $422 Final installment due

Land Only tour cost - $3,032 per person (Contact Jack to discuss flight arrangements)

(Please Note:  The tour cost and payment plan is based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY.  If you are traveling alone and need a SINGLE ROOM there will be an additional charge as noted on the home page for this tour.  Single rooms will have a SINGLE BED.)




See the FAQ  for instructions if you would like to pay by check.


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